Buying wedding services and products represents a large spend for most people with average incomes, so it is important to choose properly and to prepare well. After all, if you can make your money go further, you can afford the fireworks display or the helicopter ride you always dreamed about on your special day.

Here are our simple rules when approaching and dealing with wedding suppliers in Staffordshire:

1. Be friendly, courteous and respectful.

The wedding business can be stressful for business owners just as much as it is for the perfectionist bride-to-be with a limited budget. Treating someone as you would want to be treated can also pay off – they may be more disposed to giving discounts, throwing in extra services for free or enable your day to go smoothly more readily if you are nice to deal with.

2. Ask for discounts, but don’t haggle on the price too much.

We’re of the opinion that if someone’s service is worth paying for, then we shouldn’t try to steal it from them. On the other hand, prices may not always be set in stone and there may be room to maneuvre. Ask not, and you won’t get.

3. Get everything in writing.

A confirmation email for the booked wedding cars. An estimated date of completion for the dress alterations. A contract for the reception venue. Receipts for everything. If you don’t follow this rule, catastrophes may ensue as it is up to you to ensure that everything is well organised.

4. Problems happen. Deal with them.

There is nothing worse than letting something go on indefinitely, especially in the field of wedding organisation which is time and budget-limited. If you are having a problem with a supplier, nip it in the bud right away and give them a chance to correct it. We’re all human, so sometimes mistakes can be made so a little leeway should be given if possible. But the business must put the problem right in short order, otherwise you may be wiser taking your business elsewhere.

5. Reward good service.

If you are impressed with the service of a wedding business in Staffordshire, give them a pat on the back by leaving a comment / review on this site. They will thank you for it, and you’ve done your bit for their future business prospects.

Above all, enjoy organising your wedding. It doesn’t happen very often in your life (at least in most cases!), and is one of the happiest days of your life (unless you pull the runaway bride trick), so get busy sourcing wedding suppliers. The best of Staffordshire can be found right here.